Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rebecca Black «Friday»


Friday, friday..This voice stuck in my head.

Movie «Friday» was flooded on Youtube February 10, but has long remained unnoticed. A month later, on March 11, comedian Michael J. Nelson left in his Twitter account "Let this be your rest week. Also, this is the answer to the question "What is the song - the worst in the history of mankind?". In Nelson there were very few subscribers by the standards of Twitter, a total of 19 thousand, but the link quickly began to spread like a virus. By 15 March at the movie was already three million hits, the 17 th - 10 million, and the song hit the top 100 singles on iTunes.

Rolling Stone magazine called «Friday» unconscious parody of all of modern pop music. «Friday» - a mix of the three biggest hits of recent times, in fact: The Black Eyed Peas «I Gotta Feeling», Ke$ha «TiK ToK», Justin Bieber «Baby»

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