Sunday, May 22, 2011

Victor Ginzburg «Empire V»

Directed «Generation M " is going to film another book Pelevin

American director of Russian origin Victor Ginzburg, author of therecently released «Generation M " has acquired the film rights toanother novel Pelevin - «Empire V». The subtitle of the bookpromises the reader "a story about this Superman"in the history of the newly converted vampire Ramah, teaching them the basics of glamor and discourse.

Painting razdvinet limits of a genre of films about vampires - just asit extended the scope of Pelevin in his book. This is a terrificargument about the state of modern society and its obsession with blood, beauty, and money. It is based on the history of growingyoung vampire and love drama that takes place in Moscow today.

In the «Generation M" Ginsburg extremely punctual apply to Pelevin, writing it almost word for word, for which he received an approving response from the writer himself, who admitted that the movie "turned out". Shooting «Empire V» should start in the spring of 2012. At the same time the planned output of the German adaptation of another novel Pelevin Chapaev and void "under the name" Lil Buddha ", which deals with an American Tony Pemberton.

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